One more time!!

We watched them. We loved them. We shouted for them.

And now they’re back!


Kinguin Legends is a tournament for those who left their mark on Counter-Strike history. It’s their chance to stand up and battle it out one more time against faces they know oh so well.










We want to give the esports community an opportunity to go back in time and see their Legends duke it out once more. We hope to awaken the emotions of the past in the OG fans and teach some new kids what a true legacy looks like!

How does it work?

learn about our tournament structure, captains and more


Six Legends and their teams are going to face each other in a BO1 round robin format followed by BO3 play-off games. 

When invited to the tournament players were tasked with the creation of their own squads.

They could invite anyone, be it their mother or… the best player in the world.

One catch – the average age of a team cannot be lower than 26.

And there’s even more unique things about Kinguin Legends.

Our tournament rules are modified to highlight the legacy players from start to finish.

Coin toss for map veto? Flip that! Well… actually don’t. We are here for the spicy Legend v Legend action. The first choice will be granted to the winner of a captains 1v1 at kinguin_aim.

The captains

We gathered some of the best, most memorable, or impactful players of the last two decades of CS.


The Legends who have become icons of modern competition for many fans around the world.


They had to find teammates among their colleagues / friends / rivals with whom they had the opportunity to meet during their careers.


Now they are ready to log onto the tournament server.


Time to reintroduce themselves again!

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