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Meet our captains that will be spearheading the inital Kinguin Legends Tournaments. To view our full list of legends, click the button below.
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A legendary player that is considered one of the greatest, if not the greatest, CS players of all time. He was a part of the fabled Golden F...


Kenny is a French superstar who earned the respect of fans for his outstanding performance as a sniper. He is best known for his very aggres...


The 8th time World Champion in CS 1.6., HeatoN is one of the most famous Counter-Strike players of all time leading the CS scene into what w...


He was responsible for creating the first international superteam roster in CS:GO history – Team Kinguin with players like ScreaM, Rain, S...


Edward is a Ukrainian legend who has been shining on the stage for over 20 years now. In his CS 1.6 days, he was considered the best pistol ...


pashaBiceps is one of the most recognizable CS players all over the world, mainly due to his cheerful character. He was the main sniper in t...

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